Speedy Recovery helps people, across all age groups, from around the world to travel to India and take advantage of the high quality, affordable health care services of international standards.  India is the preferred country for millions of international patients for medical & surgical treatment and is 5-8 times cheaper than the US & UK, with minimal waiting time.  We are here to help you with free medical advice, expert opinion from reputed specialist doctors and also help with your travel & stay.

Speedy Recovery is partnered with all the leading super-speciality hospitals that are the best in class and also with highly skilled Physicians & Surgeons who are of international repute and experience.  We work with health institutions that have industry certifications/accreditation to ensure that you & dear ones are taken care of with highest standards of quality in diagnosis, medical & surgical treatment and follow-up management. 

Shaila Raveendran, founder of Speedy Recovery, is a health care professional with 28 years of industry experience and is associated with the best hospitals across the globe.  She is known as an expert in understanding challenging health situations, facilitate health care delivery and build lasting relationships based on simple human values & empathy.  

She is the first Indian to specialize in Surgical Eye Banking and has been trained & certified at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical Centre, Baltimore, USA.  She has certifications from International Federation of Eye Banks based in USA, Czech Republic, Egypt & India.

Her compassion for people suffering from different health conditions stems from the fact that she was the first to start “a grief counselling program” back in the late 80’s and worked extensively in super-speciality hospitals and eventually handled key roles in the areas of para-medical care and patient care management.

Given the fact that she has been in the health care domain for close to 3 decades,  she has extremely strong working relationships, direct access and personal rapport with some of the world-renowned health care specialists in India.

Our Founder

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Our Vision

Our Mission

About Us

To establish a world-class, comprehensive, health care facilitation institution, for individuals in all age groups, across the world, who need diagnostic, medical, surgical and alternate treatment services, in a quick & cost effective manner.

To facilitate every possible help for people to access world-class health care services in India, by partnering with reputed hospitals and best medical doctors.  This will be enabled through personalized care, compassion and service for anyone in pain, disease and discomfort.