Ancillary Services

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We will plan and support all your non-medical requirements before, during and after your visit and treatment.  Here are some of the important aspects that we help you with so that your visit is peaceful and comfortable at all times.


Airline bookings
If you need any assistance with airline selection or bookings for your international and domestic travel within India, we will facilitate that through our travel partners.

Local Transport
Right from your airport pick up, local transport will be arranged for your travel between your accommodation and hospital, for local sight-seeing and for shopping as well.

VISA Extension
If there is a need for having your VISA extended, we will help in coordinating with the local embassies/consulates. We will also help you with registration process [at the FRRO] for foreign nationals visiting India on medical visa.


We provide you with different types of local accommodation that you would need during your stay.  These range from simple shared guest houses to star hotels of your choice.  If you wish to change your accommodation, at any time, we will also help you with that. 

During your stay most facilities provide laundry and cleaning services.  While most will be included in your accommodation cost, very few might offer this at a small additional cost.

You have the choice to enjoy a wide variety of Indian cuisine or ask for a specific cuisine that you prefer.  Every effort shall be made to cater to your special dietary needs.

Local Mobile Phone [SIM]
Upon your arrival, you will be provided with a local Indian SIM that will help you keep your tele communication cost at a minimum and save on international roaming charges from your home country mobile service provider.


We will help you with foreign currency exchange right at your accommodation and avoid that need for you to run around and get Indian currency at prevailing exchange rates.

Fund Transfer
We will help you with all the details you or your family would need to transfers funds for your treatment and stay without any hassles and unauthorized middlemen.


We will provide you with sound shopping suggestions of where to buy, what to buy and even when to buy!  You just have to share what you have in your mind and we will do our best to help you shop at real good prices.

Sight Seeing
India is culturally rich and very diverse country with hundreds of places to see.  We will help you with information, planning and reservation support for the places you choose to visit.


We will facilitate purchase of medicines after your treatment while you are recovering outside the hospital and also after you leave the country.  You just have to call/email us and we will help in shipping all your medicines.

If you are advised eye glasses after your treatment or if you would like to get a new pair, we will get them for you, at best cost and quality.

Prosthetic Limbs
We partner with some of the best prosthetic limb fitting centres in India and can help you with this special requirement, should there be a need.

Purchase of Equipment
Some health conditions require self-monitoring as a part of post treatment management.  We can help you with purchase of quality medical equipment and gadgets/apparatus at a very economical prices.

Dietary Advice
We have tied up with skilled dietitian who can provide you with expert advice on the food and beverages both overall health management.

This list does not stop here! 

In our efforts to make you travel, stay, treatment and above all, deliver an excellent experience we are here to help facilitate any other specialized support that you might need … at any time!