A 45-year old gentlemen from Nigeria came with an extremely painful & swollen leg.  He has been suffering with Deep Vein Thrombosis [DVT] for 7 years, visited many doctors and spent thousands of dollars without much improvement.  His family had given up hope & cried along with him as he suffered with unbearable pain.


Thorough evaluation was done with Laboratory Tests, Radio Diagnostics, High-end Scans, Pus Cultures. Then, specialist Vascular Surgeons performed two complex operations on his blocked veins & wound, took out around 3 liters of pus and treated him with the most effective and latest medications. Since he was a Jehovah Witness who cannot receive blood, his Hemoglobin Levels etc. were managed very carefully.

After successful medical and surgical treatment, his wound has started closing slowly, and  he bid good bye to the pain & swelling.  He is now back in Lagos, Nigeria. 

At SPEEDY RECOVERY, over the years, we hosted several people from around the world, helped them avail world-class medical and surgical treatment in India and fly back to their homes ... after a SPEEDY RECOVERY!  

We share with you few success stories of people whom we helped travel from illness to wellness ... the SPEEDY RECOVERY way!

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A 41-year old young man with 6 children,had a bad fall, 25 years back, when he was just 16, playing his favorite game - Football.  His knee was severely injured, couldn't walk or straighten his swollen leg due to pain.

His uncle took him to traditional healers / bone setters in a village far away from where he stayed, A cast was put around his leg with herbs and sticks.  Over next 8 months, pus taken out many times from his wound that was not healing.  He did not improve in anyway and his dad decided to move him back from that place.

He recalls that an x-ray taken 25 years ago did not reveal any broken bone.  He carried on with life.  He grew up, graduated, got married, had kids but his limp always reminded him of the fall. He started accepting it as a part of his life, until his pain gradually started increasing and he was forced to use a walking stick.
 His friends introduced him to SPEEDY RECOVERY.  He drove a long distance to meet them in person, to get a first hand information about SPEEDY RECOVERY.  He then decided to travel to India for treatment and he wrote to us.


The day he landed in India, we took him through detailed investigations that included blood tests, x-rays, advanced scans and specialist consultations.  More than his twisted knee problem, he was completely surprised when the tests revealed that he was a DIABETIC!  He was immediately put on medication.

A special team consisting of
Orthopedic and Reconstructive Surgeons, planned his surgery.  He underwent two surgeries in one sitting - A KNEE REPLACEMENT AND A FRACTURE REPAIR.  His sutures were gradually taken out and he underwent rigorous physiotherapy.  He has to undergo another surgery to subtly bend his knee by 90 degrees and he started walking, without a limp anymore!

A confident man with no hump in his knee, no pain and his diabetes under control
was completely changed from limping around with a walker, to a elbow crutch, to a simple walking stick and no support at all!  It was a pleasure to see him fly back to his loved ones with a big smile and relief!

He was glad that the cost for the entire trip and process was so very affordable.  He went back with a commitment that he is going to create awareness among all his friends and family, about his personal experiences with his

A 44-year lady from Nigeria, a mother of 6 grown up children, weighing 110 kgs., complained of frequent headaches for 10 years that turned acute in last 5 years. She snored excessively in sleep, had breathlessness, frequent fever and general weakness.  Her had high blood pressure for 14 years, indigestion, pain in the chest, low back & knees. She was diagnosed with fibroids in her Uterus & abnormal growth in the Fallopian tube.

We documented her entire medical history in detail, arranged consultation with medical specialists & conducted comprehensive investigations including Lab tests of urine, blood & iron levels along with CT & MRI scans.  Tests confirmed high uncontrolled BP, very low iron levels, tumor in one of her Fallopian tubes, fibroids in her Uterus and a small Hernia.

The team of super-specialists concluded that she needed
ROBOTIC SURGICAL TREATMENT.  The plan was discussed with her husband, the couple left it for us to make the best decision and she gave her consent cheerfully.

During the surgery the specialist team noticed a 2nd Tumor in her Fallopian Tube and Intestines.

In one sitting, she was operated for the following:

  • Two Tumors in Fallopian Tubes             
  • Intestinal Tumor
  • Fibroids in her Uterus                  
  • Hernia

Distance makes no difference when there is lots of Love & Faith.  On the day of her surgery, her husband, children, siblings, parents, friends and family prayed for her SPEEDY RECOVERY, from their respective homes.

All her surgeries were successful.   She was admitted 2 days prior and stayed 2 days after surgery in the hospital. After discharge from hospital, she stayed at the Guest House, visited the hospital only for follow up checks.  She did shopping for her children and left India on the 11th day after surgery, just in-time to be with her daughter, who was expecting a baby soon - their first grandchild!!

Before she left, she shook hands and said,
"You are my second God, Shaila.  You have given me a new life in your country, India!  Your name is now written on our hearts.  We will refer many people from Anambara State of Nigeria!  God bless you and your family in abundance!"

Real People ... Real Wins ... Real Recoveries!!!


A 72-year old retired nurse from Zimbabwe,after her retirement, supported a few school going orphans. But due to her medical condition she had given up that noble work.  Mother of 3 grown-up children, came with a brilliant smile through her pain and shared with us this medical history. 

  • Delivered her children through cesarean surgery - 3 times!
  • Operated 4 times for Kidney & Gall bladder stones.  She was operated in both eyes and is a known Diabetic!!
  • Half her kidney was removed as it was damaged by a FORCEPS left behind in her abdomen for 9 months!!!

It was incredible to see her gradually peel off layers of bandage around her stomach to push a big bulge, on right side of abdomen.  She was operated 7 times in the past and was advised an 8th surgery to repair her weak abdomen walls. Her intestines pushed out the BIG BULGE leading to SEVERE and UNBEARABLE PAIN.  She visited several local hospitals holding on to her pain silently and was finally told that further surgery involved a lot of risk, required sophisticated instruments/equipment and highly skilled & experienced team of surgeons. 

Her family members, in Zimbabwe, South Africa & UK, explored several options to get her treated safely and effectively. A relative told them about cost-effective and excellent treatment facilities in India. 
Her children reached out to us at SPEEDY RECOVERYHer daughter, who lives in the UK, is a nurse herself and quickly understood how SPEEDY RECOVERY can assist her mother.  They immediately traveled to Bangalore, India. 


In just two days, we completed super-specialist consultations, laboratory investigations, radio-diagnostics, high-end scans and concluded on the diagnosis as LUMBAR INCISIONAL HERNIA.  She was scheduled for surgery by senior & experienced UK-returned General Surgeons, who had performed several such complicated surgeries.

Despite some financial support from their government, they had financial constraints and did not come fully prepared with required money.  The hospital on
SPEEDY RECOVERY's assurance performed the HERNIA REPAIR with MESH.  She was discharged, in good faith, despite 50% amount was due to be paid which she later cleared.  The patient was fit to fly on the 14th day but rested for an extra week before returning to Zimbabwe.

The patient & her daughter wrote a 5-page testimonial, about their experience with SPEEDY RECOVERY!