Dear Shaila,

I am thanking God for allowing me to know the person called Shaila.  

You are a pillar of strength to the helpless & those who lost all hope.  There are no words to really describe you because you are endowed with too many great qualities.  Your good work will definitely speak of you across continents. 

Always know that you have gotten a new ambassador in me and my wife.  We will speak of your good work to whoever we meet in our life time.

Remain blessed!

Engr. & Mrs. Egenege
Warri, Nigeria

24 March 2015

To Shaila [Angel in Human form]

When we were preparing to come to India for check-up as a family we say a prayer that God should send the Holy Spirit ahead of us and prepare for our coming.  Indeed something happened and we were connected with one 'Shaila'.  On our arrival to India of course arrangement was made, we were received and picked up at the Airport to our Guest House.  At our Guest House, the miracles began to manifest. We were received by a beautiful, smiling woman - Shaila- who welcomed us and were treated like a king and queen.

In shortest possible time, arrangements were made and the following day we were up for our check-up and results immediately available while consultation were conducted by one of the best consultants in town. And drugs administered like a magic, while Shaila was always around us smiling without complaint.[what a wonderful woman!]

Time will not permit me and words of mouth will not be enough for me and my wife to explain our experience through this wonderful woman.  You are indeed an Angel sent by God to rescue humanity on this planet earth.  God decided to come in human form through you to help humanity.  Our prayer is that you shall be bless and this shall follow you and your family to the fourth generation.  Long life shall you and your family enjoy. Ever yours!

Mr. & Mrs. Datukum
Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Shaila,

I can never find the right words to define who you are but you are a wonderful person.  My wife and I got to Bangalore India on the 28th October and the Angelic nature in you was exhibited by you immediately.

All arrangements has been made by you and were immediately taken for investigations, to one of the best diagnostic centers in India.  While my wife and I went through complete medical check-up for head to toe, you stayed with us until 10.30 in the night!

You have taken me everywhere to see the different high level specialists and sometimes in doing this, spent your own money.  During my 4 weeks in Bangalore and you have not asked for a dime. No consultation fees or any other charges.  You have created a platform for me to meet and interact with various medical specialists who are so nice.  It is interesting to know that you give that same attention to all the patients you handle despite the large numbers.

I sincerely look forward to working in collaboration with you from Nigeria.

Dr. Jerry, Consultant Gynaecologist
9 November 2014

Dear Sister Shaila,

I am very grateful to God Almighty who has created you as a special gift to patients in India and Overseas.  I must thank the man who is behind you and your loving children who encourages you always.  Greetings to all of them.

Finally, I thank you so much to accept this special mission for more than 15 years I have known you and you never complain.  You are cheerful always and encouraging.  Keep it up.  Your reward is already in the hand of God.

On behalf of my family we pray that God in his infinite mercy provide you and your family all you need especially good health and wisdom to develop this mission to more families all over the world!

Sir Omousa
Lagos, Nigeria
02 November 2014

Dear Shaila,

You are really a sunshine to many lives and a blessing to human kind.  You are kind, caring, lovable, understanding woman.  You always create time to listen and give attention to those who are sick.  You are a very good advisor to people's health and you always have the right doctors to all patients.

To be sincere, I have traveled far and wide, I have never met God-fearing, and a good advisor like you.  You always make people smile even if they are in pain. 

You words of encouragement gives strength and speedy recovery.  I will make sure I tell people the good work you are carrying out, when I get back to Nigeria.


Dear Shaila,

I wish to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for the manner in which you assisted me during the numerous tests, investigations and procedure I underwent.  You were always there for me from day 1.  Your love and care was over whelming.  May God bless you and more so your husband and children for allowing you to spare the time you spent with me and attending to all the appointments with the hospitals, doctors etc.

I know it was not easy considering the number of patients you were also looking after.  You would always come with a smile and encourage me in the process.  I really want to thank you for all you have done and pray that God continues to bless you in your efforts to touch a million lives.

You are a shining example of good work and character.  You make India.  I will go back home describing how good India and its people are because of people like you!

All the best and God bless!

Mr. Njanje
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

24 March 2015

Dear Shaila,
I have heard a lot about you and lot of positive things about you.  When I arrived in India [Bangalore], I was scared because I was alone but after I met you all the fears vanished.

You made my 3 weeks stay in Bangalore pleasant and memorable.  You made things so much easier and simpler.  Everything went hitch-free.  You have given a lot of good memories to me.

Just want to say, "Thank you and may god bless you beyond your expectations."

Yours truly!

Mrs. Saliha
Abuja, Nigeria
10 June 2015

Dear Shaila,

I don't know how to express my feelings over to you but God almighty in his infinite mercy for the wonderful services you render to the unknown people that come your way.

If you remember, I was brought in from Nigeria unconscious by my family.  The manner in which you took up my case to the hospital management, I was given 100% attention. I don’t know you before, but you took my case as if I was your own family by arranging qualified doctors that gave us urgent attention.  It was during that period that I learnt about your person.  

I remember how you always come around to ask about the condition of my ailment, gave me words of encouragement that gave me the strength to regain myself and get recovered from my illness after staying four months in your hospital.  I also discovered that you don’t discriminate. You have equal love among your patients.

My subsequent visit to India, for medical check-up also made me to understand who you are more.  
God bless you and your entire family.

Fin. Chief Ugwu
03 October 2014

We would like to share some experiences that our guests had with SPEEDY RECOVERY, its founder Shaila and overall health care they received in India.  You never know, some of these people could be known to you as well ... it is a small world, right! 

So go ahead, read their testimony and make choice to get support for your medical and surgical treatment in India.  If you need any kind of health care assistance in India, remember, SPEEDY RECOVERY is always happy to help!


Blessed Daughter Shaila,

I am thanking God for allowing me to see this blessed day.  I am also thanking God for allowing me to know the person called Shaila.  When I was a little boy, my grandfather use to tell me that health is wealth and whenever money is lost something is lost but when health is lost everything is lost.  This was behind my mind when I decided to come to India for the treatment of my eyes. 

I came to India without knowing anyone not knowing that God has prepared a helper ahead of me - In person of Shaila. God made you and sent you to help/assist humanity in this generation.  You are actually sent by God to save people from the hands of quake doctors who are money minded.

For the weeks I spent with you in India during my treatment, you treated me and my wife as your parents with friendly, loving, caring, encouraging and doing every thing possible for me and my wife to go through the treatment.  It amazes me for how you are able to combine the work with relationship perfectly.

Words are not enough for me to describe your character.  You have started a good work and the lord almighty will give you the grace to accomplish it.  Thank you, but we are going to miss your love, smile and care.  We love you for we have found another daughter in India.  Shall be reaching you through phone at all times.

I will always preach Shaila to whomever I come across.

Samson Osayagbon Uso
Edo State, Nigeria
15 September 2014

Dear Shaila,

I wish to make this short note to you in appreciation to all you have been to me.  First it is so amazing who you really are.  You don’t know me neither did you know my background from Nigeria.  I did not come from your community, your state, or even your country.  Yet from the day you met me till the time I am writing this, you have been my guardian angel. Spending your time, your resources, your emotion and most of all your love on me. I want to sincerely tell you that you are one in a million! Do you know that because of your care I was able to bear all the pains that accompanied the surgery on my leg without feeling lonely even though I came to India alone?  All of a sudden you became my mother, my sister, even my whole family.  

When I was coming to India for this surgery my greatest fear was to get the right hospital and the right doctor over here because many have come and gone back worse than their situation before they came.  But God in his infinite mercy connected me to you.  I came to India with a deformed knee on my left leg after having a bad fall while playing football about 26 years ago. Prior to my visit to India I have tried many hospitals in Nigeria without success.  Now I am going back to Nigeria after 7 weeks in India, with a well reformed knee and without the pains that has been my nightmare for several years.

I am not going to praise you or give you any gift, No!  Rather I will give the glory to the Almighty God who made you in Heaven and sent you down as a gift to humanity.  As I am going back now, I know that I will miss you so much, your warm smile, your comforting words, your care, your encouragements and your love.  I will miss them all.  But my consolation is that I can always hear your voice on telephone till whenever I will be coming for my health check-ups.  

My prayers is that God almighty will shower his abundant blessings on you and your family.  He will continue to bless you and your family with good health.

Remain blessed!
From your revived patient!

Mr. Emmanuel
Anambra, Nigeria
04 August 2014

Dear Shaila,

First impression they say lasts long.  I remember the first day we arrived in Bangalore, the way you welcomed us was as if you knew us for a very long time.  You were amazing.  That day I know we have come to the right place and I have met the right person. 

I came very scared but your soothing words and encouragement made me strong.  Shaila, I admire your strength and passion for what you do.  Mamma and I will forever be grateful for making our stay comfortable and memorable in Bangalore.  Mamma is well and happy now.  Thank you! 

Did I mention that you are a darling ?  Shaila you are a Darling! That I think keeps you going. Do not relent in your efforts of seeing that you see your patients get well and putting smiles on their faces.

May Allah continue to bless you and your entire family and keep you strong to continue the good work you are doing.  It was nice meeting you.  Don’t forget that you have added to your extended family another family from Borno State Nigeria.

Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!

Ms. Mustapha & Mrs. Mustapha
Borno State, Nigeria

30 July 2015

Dear Shaila,

It is true that I am leaving in India now but I can never miss your words of encouragement which will still sound fresh every day, when I remember you.

Words alone could not be expressed to fit such a genius like you.  It is wonderful to know that you are able to balance your humanitarian sacrifice with your family.  Your have amazing strength and ability to meet up with all the patients that comes your way and take care of each one of them.

Thank you for allowing to me to be part of the numerous people that is benefiting from your love and care.  I will forever remain grateful to God and you.  

God bless you and protect your life from all evils.

Abuja, Nigeria

Dear Shaila,

An angel sent from heaven is how my lovely wife calls her.  Shaila is loving, amiable, jovial and above all a game changer.  She is a great person.

Our visit to India would have been boring and frustrating without Shaila.  First & foremost is the fact that our plans would not have had direction and coordination.  Secondly, we would have wasted time, energy and money even then not been able to achieve any results.  Communication with Taxis, Hospital and our little shopping would have been at a snail’s pace.

To all prospective patients: 
You are in safe hands.  Feel at Home.  Your LIFE will never remain the same [both in health & attitude] after your first contact, I repeat, FIRST CONTACT with her. And lastly, she puts God first in everything she does!

We cannot thank you enough.  We love you.  You have special place in our heart.  God bless you!

Mr. & Mrs. Victory
Lagos, Nigeria
21 January 2016

Dear Shaila, 

I blessed the day I was told about you and the day I met you.  

I thought my case was beyond medical care.  Because I have been to so many hospitals in Nigeria and nothing was diagnosed but I keep having same pain all the time and spending money without result.  Meeting you in a day, calm the storm that I was going through and God through your profile the solution to my problem which gave me a different interpretation of doctors.

I appreciate God for using you in this direction and I pray he will continue to bless sustain protect and give you strength to carry on this good gesture.  I would not be gone for you all I intend to keep this friendship for live. I thank God for your life.  Mothers are greatest gift to humanity.  I am truly bless to count you as one.

Mrs. Pada
15 August 2014

Dear Shaila,

I give almighty the glory for making it possible for me to meet you.  You are indeed God sent to save humanity from the hand of quake doctors who don’t take their career or work seriously but care just after money and not saving life.

Meeting you in a week is like know you since I was a little girl.  It amazed me how you are able to combine work with relationship perfectly.  To be earnest I have traveled widely but have not come across a humble, organised and God fearing woman like you who put her patients as her first priority.  I have never seen this anywhere, expect in you.  Woah! You are a rare gem!

You may not believe me, but I know what I have learned from you within this one week and I promised myself that I will try to be just like you in a little way that I can.

Finally, I am blessed to associate myself with you as my friend.  I will preach Shaila to whoever I come across that needs medical attention.  May God increase you and your generation may He Shine his fact upon you and entire family in Jesus name.
Keep doing the good work, keep the flag flying high.

Mrs. David
14 August 2014

My darling sister/friend

You are a mover and a very serious-minded woman.  You do not play with your work.  The health of your patients are very dear to you.  You are very happy to see your patients well after treatment. 

Please do not relent, for God has chosen you for this special assignment.  I will never stop telling people about a wonderful woman - Shaila - I met in India.

For the good work you are doing, may God bless you and your family.

Engr. & Dr. Anunobi
Port Harcout, Nigeria